Keep Reading Augus 2019

Keep Reading August 2019


The Last Collection by Jeanne Mackin

Just when you think you have read all there is to read about World War Two, you realize you will never be finished.  This story is based on the competition between Chanel and Schiaparelli.  In 1938 a young woman travels to Paris to visit her brother.  She ends up building very different relationships with both designers.  In 1938, tention is building in Paris and both designers have different views of what is happening around them.  I have just enough interest in fashion to have found this both interesting and intriguing.  I strongly recommend this book.


Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes


I may have been drawn to this book because it takes place in Maine.  A woman who is recently widowed takes in a boarder who is recommended by her best friend.  Her new roommate is a baseball player who has lost his ability to pitch.  They help each other deal with their new status in the world and of course they fall in love.  Although you see this coming it is charming and joyful to travel with them.  This would be a great vacation read.


Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradberry


I read this book several years ago and recently someone said this was their favorite book ever.  I think I loved it more the second time.  Maybe you have to be old enough to have spent lovely summers in the fifties or maybe you would just like to experience one of those summers through the eyes of an imaginative child growing up in a small Midwest town.  Little touches of magic make this book even more special.  This would be a perfect book for saying good bye to summer while sitting on a porch swing.


Missing Mom by Joyce Carol Oats


I love the fact that as new books are released, no one takes away the older ones.  I think this was written in 2005.  My mother used to like this author.  Two sisters have very different relationships with their mother and don’t get along very well with one another.  Mom has a tendency to take in strangers and one of them murders her.  The two sisters deal very differently with this situation.  Although you know who kills mom, it takes a very long time for the case to come to trial.  The writing is fabulous and the story keeps you turning pages.


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