Myrtle Beach Dec. 2, 2019

Myrtle Beach Dec. 2, 2019


We were up bright and early and headed out for breakfast.  We went to a place called Johnny D’s.  The food was great.  I had Irish Benedict with delicious home made hash.  The grits were the best I have had so far.

We went back to the room for a few minutes and headed to the board walk.  We walked about 4 miles.  We wandered through some great tourist shops including the Gay Dolphin that has been there for about 80 years.  They had so much stuff it took us an hour before we were exhausted and headed out for more walking.  We went home for a nap and then to Broadway on the Beach for more walking and shopping.  I bought two pair of shoes that will be shipped to my house.

We had a late lunch or early dinner that was nothing to write home about and then went to the dollar tree and actually had a fun time.

I just remembered a couple of things from earlier.

On Saturday evening and again on Sunday, we passed a place called the Cat wine bar. Seriously there were real cats that you could hold while you sipped wine.  We did not go in.

Also, on the way here, we stopped for lunch at Box Car Betty’s for the best chicken sandwich I ever had.

So, now back to Monday night.  We ended up going to the grocery store and got ice cream and had that for dinner while watching police show TV.  I went to bed early and finished my book.



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