Myrtle Beach Dec. 3, 2019

Myrtle Beach Dec. 3, 2019


Mike was charming as always.

We were a bit slow moving this morning but it was back to Johnny D’s for breakfast.  Although this place is great we will try something new tomorrow.

We headed to Bare Foot landing for walking and stopping in little shops.  What a lovely shopping area.  Boardwalks lead through watery areas with lovely shops.  My favorite was everything purple.  I got a perfect T Shirt.

We went to a more typical mall but it was more walking.

We went to The Old Vienna Café for a lunch consisting of apple strudel.  Then it was back home for a nap.

After napping we decided we needed more steps so we walked around our resort.  This place is much bigger than we thought.  It is really pretty nice.

We returned home for a drink.  Then we headed to House of Blues for dinner.

They have acoustic music and dinner.  When we got there two more tables were occupied.  Eventually it was only us and the singer.  He was really good.  We had a wonderful server who made us feel very welcome.  It was a great evening with still more fried chicken and an almost perfect martini.

Now we are back home and relaxing.  We have our meal schedule worked out for the rest of the week even if we have no idea what else we will do.


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