Myrtle Beach Dec. 4, 2019

Myrtle Beach December 4, 2019


Another great day of walking and eating.

We started with breakfast at the Eggs up Grill.  More wonderful food and at a good price.  There are sure a lot of good breakfast places here.

Then more walking.  We went to Murrell’s marsh walk.  Actually this was just another strip of bars and shops.  We are seriously the only people here.  I would not want to be here when it is crowded.  Although it is a little cool it is nice to have the place to ourselves and still have shops open.  I guess a lot of things shut down next week.  There is a lot of Christmas stuff going on.  Music everywhere and decorations.  Not much seems to be on sale although the shops are open empty or almost empty shelves.

We ended up back at the board walk near us for more walking.  We walked down a street with kind of seedy hotels.  I’ll bet they were lovely in their day.

Arbbey’s for lunch.  I had a milk shake and a piece of left over corn bread from home.

Next it was Paula Deen for dinner.  Although the food was exactly as I remembered it.  I was disappointed.  I would have thought there would be some changes in two years.  That might be the end of Paula Deen for me.  We walked around that area and got more steps.

We were up a little late again watching very stupid TV.

I am glad we are walking so we can walk off some of what we are eating.


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