Myrtle Beach Dec. 5, 2019

Myrtle Beach Dec. 5, 2019


We started our day with the best breakfast ever.  Unfortunately I can’t remember the name but it was French.  I will add it later.  We were able to walk and that was nice.

Mike and I have set up pacing routes around the apartment.  He actually is as step crazy as I am.

We had a late lunch, early dinner at Pop Pop’s Pit barbeque.  I may never be hungry again.  We went there to get our Pop Pop a T shirt but they did not have his size.  We were the only people in the restaurant.  The server called the other restaurant and they will hold a shirt for Neal.

Then we were off to the highlight of the day.  We went to Brook Spring Park.  This is acres and acres of lovely garden full of statues of all kinds along with beautiful trees and plants.  It was fun seeing trees that have lost their leaves along with lovely flowers.

The park was all decked out for the holidays.  There were 27,00 actual hand lit candles and I have no idea how many lights.  They start setting this up in August mostly with volunteers.  Lights were hanging from trees along with Spanish moss.  There were candles floating on ponds.  There were candles in mason jars hanging from trees.  The paths were paved and twisted around everywhere.  We stopped and had hot chocolate sitting outside among the trees.  There was a gallery with beautiful scenes created with all sorts of glass.  There were scenes with electric trains.  The entire thing was magical.

Then it was back to our place for drinks and snacks and more bad TV.  Last night we watched shows about fashion designers and Mike and Neal did audio description.  I don’t know what was more funny, the descriptions or the clothes.

We did get Neal’s T shirt.

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