Myrtle Beac December 6

Myrtle Beach December 6


I don’t think I will ever be hungry again!

We went back to The Eggs up Grill and had a not so great experience.  We sat and watched our food sit under the heat lamp for almost 10 minutes before our server decided to bring it to us.

The good part is that we walked and that was nice.

We walked back and just hung out for a while.  Neal took a nap and Mike and I walked our little pacing route for a while.

We worked out our food plan for the rest of the day and planned to go to The Simpsons 4 D experience.  We really know how to live.  We walked to Zaxby’s for another fried chicken sandwich.  It was not all that good actually.  However, then we went to the Croissant Bistro for key lime cake.  This cake was a piece of heaven.  Then we walked back home.  Mike thought he might have lost his phone at the chicken place so he got a lot of extra steps looking for it.  It was at home waiting for us.

It rained so we decided to save the Simpsons for tomorrow.  Neal and Mike finished the puzzle and I read.  Once we were finally hungry again we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner.

So here is my Cracker Barrel Theory.  It also explains Paula Deen.

The food at Cracker Barrel is exactly the same as Paula deen only on a real plate at half the price.  I think Paula pulls her truck up to the back door of Cracker Barrel and loads up with the food for that night.

I am totally done with Paula Deen.


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