Myrtle Beach December 7

Myrtle Beach December 7


I like 8 day vacations.  This extra day feels like a bonus.

We walked to breakfast again today and again it was delicious.

I did a little packing.  I don’t have that much to pack.

We headed to Broadway on the Beach for the Christmas parade.  I should mention that this place is nowhere near a beach.  This was kind of a hokey thing to do but it was fun.  There are a lot of pro-Trump T shirts and bumper stickers around here.  However, everyone loves Santa and he arrived in style.  We walked around for a while and then went to the Simpsons 4 D experience.  They said they had audio description but it was just a device for hearing loss.  I still had fun.  Neal tried to narrate for me.

We are getting friendly with the guy in the Gard shack.  He thinks we are a bit crazy for walking so much.  This is a great place for walking but no one else but us seems to be doing it.  The traffic also seems to not really see us.

We had our last meal at Sticky Fingers and the food was sticky and good.

We then went to a mall so Neal could find a luggage strap.  We walked around to get more steps.  There were stores we did not recognize, either because we were in the south or because it has been years since we went to a mall.

We returned home and tried to eat more of our left over snacks.  I went to bed and the guys watched football.

Tomorrow it is the long trek home.


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