Adventures With Coronavirus April 30

Adventures With Coronavirus April 30

Today is a day for being grateful.

Last evening my family and I celebrated what would have been my Mother’s 99th birthday. We gathered through texting and House Party. Several of us toasted with Manhattans, my mother’s favorite drink. Neal made me a perfect Manhattan without the cherry. I am not a fan of those cherries.

We had a few days last week where we could sit by the lake in the evening and have a drink. Neighbors went by in their boats and said hello. How blessed am I to live in this perfect spot.

I picked two hyacinths yesterday and brought them inside. I always struggle with picking flowers because I think I am being selfish to keep them inside. I have given up that guilt trip. We need flowers in our house and the best ones are the ones from my own garden.

I am quarantined with the best possible person. Neal and I have fallen into a perfect pattern for the day. He is working from home and I have lots of little things to do throughout the day including making my check in calls. The TV we have been watching is in the same room as his office and the tread mill. We have breakfast, take our morning walk, and Neal takes over the multipurpose room for the day. I might drop in so we can have lunch together and maybe watch the governor speak.

Now that it is getting lighter and warmer in the evening, we often take a second walk.

Like everyone else we can’t stop thinking about food. We have far too much food in our freezer so I always have choices of what to fix for dinner. Cooking has become an important part of my day.

I always kind of struggle with whether or not I should have a glass of wine every night. Now the struggle is red or white.

All in all, life is pretty good at our house. I am falling in love with my husband all over again.

That makes it sound like I fell out of love with him and that is certainly not true. This is a time when I really am grateful for the choice we made 29 years ago tomorrow when Neal moved in with me.

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