Adventures With Coronavirus

Adventures With Coronavirus April 21

Another week end has come and gone. Saturday seemed like a very long day to me. I think I was looking for something special to make it feel like a week end. My prayers were answered. Leslie asked us to join a house party and Michael and Karen and Vaughn ended up joining us. We even had some time with Anna and Alex. Our plan for the evening was to watch Princess Bride. No one could believe we had not seen it. Maybe we were the only ones in the world who had not seen it but now we can joyfully join the rest of the world in knowing what a great movie it is.
Sunday was a lovely sunny day. We did the last three accessibility assessments we needed to do for the town. They were much easier than doing the rail trail. Then we went to Hodgie’s, our seasonal ice cream store and had hamburgers and fries that were fabulous. We each bought a pint of our favorite ice cream to bring home and we had some of it as dinner. I seriously mean dinner and not dessert.
We are now into week six. I watch these demonstrations going on around the country and those people are getting far too close to each other. I am just fine staying home for a few more weeks or whatever it ends up being.
We are starting to hear of people we know who are getting the virus. So far no one is near here.
I did a little pruning in our yard yesterday and there is a lot of green going on. I have one early lilac that is getting close to blooming. I think I will have plenty of flowers in another two weeks. I do wish the weather would get a little warmer.
Neal went food shopping early Monday morning. He ended up going to two stores. We now have plenty of toilet paper but other shortages seem to be happening. There were virtually no fresh vegetables. Meat seems to be in short supply and he could find no brown eggs. We are, however, the proud possessors of 5 pounds of bacon. We may be able to fund our retirement after all.

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