Adventures With Coronavirus April 13

Adventures With Coronavirus April 13

What has happened to time?

Before I get into what could actually end up being a rant. Here is a great book title. I got to escape for two days with this book. He wrote another earlier one that I am saving for a bit.
Virgil Wander by Leif Enger
Visit a small town in rural Minnesota and enjoy every minute of your time there.

Speaking of time. I can’t quite get my head around how time is passing and not passing at the same time.
I know there are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week and that is as far as I can go. Months and years are completely gone.
I can count on about 4 good hours of sleep at night and then it just seems like day time with some naps if I am lucky.
The hour we spend taking our walk seems to fly by.
The hour I take in the afternoon to disconnect and maybe sleep a little slips away.
The hour I spend cooking dinner and eating it is pretty nice.
I usually spend an hour or so a day making check in calls and maybe a little more time on the phone talking to friends.
We watch a couple of hours of TV at night along with a glass of wine and that time makes sense.
That leaves a lot of time that just seems to stand still.
The weird thing is that when we go to bed it feels like the day went rather quickly in its entirety.
Suddenly it is Friday again. I like the week end because the stock market is closed. Two days without worrying about where my savings will end up at the end of the day.
I told you this could be a rant.
This is the first day of week 5. If you asked me 5 weeks ago I would have said I would be nuts by now. Instead, I almost find myself lulled into some kind of coma.
I know I can do 5 more weeks that in itself kind of scares me.
I am now talking to my Fitbit.
I wish all my old Fitbit friends would return.

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