Adventures With Cronavirus April 9

Adventures with Coronavirus April 9th

I started this blog instead of keeping a journal. I think that means I should be honest about how I am feeling.

The last few days have been tough for me. I am feeling like my life is changing and might never quite change back. At 73 I feel like I have been robbed of as much as a year of my life. I have no idea what 74 will bring. I have worked hard to be healthy and to save money so I could have the ability to travel and do other things I love. I don’t have any answers right now.
I just realized how many sentences I started with I and I just did it again. It is time to move on and control the very little I still seem to have control over.
There are lots of little green things coming up in our yard. A couple of days ago I fertilized the plants and I was able to really experience the soft little green shoots bravely pushing up from the still very cold soil. If they can do this time after time, so can we.
We might be driving more than flying in the future and I really love car trips.
We are eating really well. All those clothes in my closet may not fit me when this is over. Some of them were feeling tighter before this hit. We are all probably a few pounds heavier and walking around with bad hair. The good news is that we are still walking around and able to eat too much food.
Mostly I am really enjoying cooking. It is something to think about when I wake up and something to do later in the day.
There is something kind of inspiring, maybe that is the wrong word, about knowing that the entire world is in the same mess and mostly handling it the same way. It does not matter how much money you have or how much money you have recently lost, you still are stuck in your house. I am certainly very grateful to be stuck where I am stuck and grateful for whom I am stuck with.
I am writing myself right straight out of my bad mood.
Please, everyone stay safe.

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