Adventures With Coronavirus May 19

Adventures With Coronavirus May 19th

Here we are starting week 9. On March 15th if you told me we would be shut in for this long I would have said I would be nuts by now. Honestly, I am no more nuts than usual. In fact I am probably much calmer and relaxed than in the other normal.
We have an appointment to get our hair cut on the 27th. The list of rules we have to follow is substantial. I am a bit nervous about going out or maybe I feel like a coward that I think my hair needs to be cut.
I called our usual nursery this morning and they will put together all my plants and put them in our car tomorrow afternoon at 5:00.
We have ordered a vegetable box from our local upscale farm stand. We ordered it on Sunday and have an appointment to pick it up at 5:00 this evening. We have some idea of what we are getting but we don’t know for sure. I feel a little like it is Christmas.
We got one of those gadgets for measuring the oxygen level in your blood. Who would have thought we would ever need this. I will put that, our thermometer and blood pressure thing in one place where I know it is.
Neal went to the grocery store Monday at 6:00 am. This means we need to get up at 5:00. The extra hour and a half makes the morning seem like it goes forever.
My yard is full of flowers. This is the best time for all those wonderful scented spring blooms. I keep picking them and bringing them into the house.
Our dock is in and now it is officially summer on the lake. I am hoping we spend a lot more time sitting outside this year. I am close to inviting someone over to sit six feet apart in a couple of comfy chairs and enjoy the lake.
This would be so much harder if it were winter. Hopefully we won’t go through this again next winter.
We are going to have to make our own decisions about what we, personally, need to do to stay safe. We also need to remember that the choices we make will affect the safety and health of others. In some ways it has been easier having someone else make decisions for us but now we have to think for ourselves. I plan to stay in and stay safe. I will make small changes very slowly. Fortunately, Neal and I are on the same page with all of this so we will be happy to stay nested in for a bit longer and enjoy what we have right here in our much smaller world.

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