Adventures With Coronavirus June 6

Adventures With Coronavirus June 6

Things seem to be lightening up a bit. Also other things have happened to take attention away from the virus. Our world is growing more disturbing every day. All we have to do to fight the virus is stay home. It is not as easy to solve the issue of inequality. The Corona virus even seems to be easier on white people. I know one answer is that more people of color have jobs that can’t be done from home and that are needed to keep the rest of us fed and cared for. Now I have to look deeply into the question of why do people of color have those jobs? An answer that is often given is because they don’t have the skills for other jobs. However why is that the case? I am suspect that if I keep following further with these questions I am going to end up with the fact that in some form, slavery still exists.
I am not very good at philosophy so I think I will stop here until I possibly have more answers.
We have discovered a local vegetable market with a lovely farm. It is not too far from our house and I feel safe going in because it is never very crowded. On Friday a truck comes with locally caught fish. We can go on the fisherman’s web site and place an order to be picked up next Friday. I am enjoying eating more local food.
Speaking of local food. I have quite a crop of mixed lettuces. I also have plenty of herbs. My tomatoes and peppers have a long way to go.
I am still trying to use up stuff from around the house. I seem to have many half full bottles of sun screen. Since I am in and out of the house a lot now, I am using it as lotion.
I don’t think I have mentioned how much I like good old junk food GOLD Fish to add some crunch to all the salads I am eating.
We are trying to learn to use our Insta-Pot. Actually it is another brand. We bought it because it talks but it does not talk quite enough for me to find the talking very useful. We made a lemon chicken last week that turned out really good.
A couple of weeks ago we went to visit friends and socially distanced in their back yard. It was nice to see people again but it felt really strange as well. I am not sure when I will really feel comfortable around other people. I am getting very used to being in my house or yard and only with Neal. Eventually I know we will be back to some kind of normal but honestly I don’t think that will be this year.
A big conference in the blindness field that happens in Orlando at the end of January has been changed to virtual for next year. I don’t think normal can exist until we have a vaccine that is available to everyone. That means everyone in the entire world.
My yard is full of flowers and we have been able to have the windows open most of the time. The scent of glorious flowers is everywhere. Of course, so is the pollen. The pollen will be gone soon.

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