A Window Full of Diamonds

Window Full of Diamonds

My living room is a lot like StoneHenge. No, it is not made out of standing stones and it is not thousands of years old. However, for a week or so, this time of year, it puts on quite a show.
We have lots of windows and glass doors and sky lights in our living room. We face the lake and take full advantage of the room. In the winter, the sun sets right in the center of the wall with the glass doors and in the summer it sets close to the center of the right hand wall perpendicular to the wall full of glass doors. The right hand wall also has a lot of windows including a large triangle window in the second story part of the room.
I really enjoy watching the sun move back and forth.
In the winter, around the longest night, the sun shines straight down the hallway to the other end of the house. Although this is kind of fun it is not as exciting as the summer show. We have a piece of leaded glass that is framed and hanging right in the center of the window. It is almost as big as the window and depicts a flower. All the glass is clear but there are several different textures. Last night I noticed that the sun is in just the right place and at about 7:30, just before the sun touches the lake; it shines directly through the glass flower. What a glorious show. Now, remember light is just about what I can see. At these moments, I feel like I can see all there is to see and I could really argue with someone who says I have no usable vision.

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