Challange Is A Dangerous Word

Challenge seems to be a dangerous word for me.
Last Thursday I was invited to be part of something called the Week End Warrior challenge on Fitbit. This was almost like being picked for a sports related team. This has never happened or hardly ever happened to me. I cannot ever be considered as being at all athletic or even coordinated. However, apparently I am very competitive.
There is something about that word challenge that strikes way down inside my inner being. I think I have had meeting the challenge pounded deep into my every fiber. I have discovered that walking is something I can do. Walking and the Fitbit have changed my life but maybe they have awakened a not very nice trait in me.

I have discovered all kinds of ways to walk that I can do without ever needing to ask for a ride anywhere. I also have discovered that I can walk a lot during any given day. I saw no reason to stop walking and I just walked and walked and walked. I did finish first but I did not really feel good about it. Somewhere inside I knew I should let someone else have a chance to win. That is what I always preach when the Red Sox or The Patriots lose. I say it was someone elses turn to win. I guess I forgot and just kept walking.
I don’t think I can do challenges any more. I think I am going to just continue to compete with myself. Those of you who know who you are, I will still be watching and cheering and be proud to keep up with you. You are all my inspiration and you are all helping to keep this 68 year old woman young.
I will be on vacation for two weeks in March and my steps will be down, I hope you all go wild and walk all over me.

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