Keep Reading February 2020

Keep Reading February 2020


My favorite book for February left me totally blown away.  You probably know by now that I love books about the civil War and that I am also working my way through the Pulitzer Prize winning novels.  When those two things come together lightning strikes.


Andersonville by Kantor MacKinlay is a long book that brings you into the middle of a Prison for Yankee soldiers, and the families that live near the prison.  You are introduced to new characters right up to the end of the book.  Each character has a fascinating back story.  I will read this book again to spend more of my energy enjoying the lovely writing.  This time around I fell in love or totally hated the characters and kind of slid right through the writing.


Agent Running in The Field by John Le Carre is a good choice if you sometimes find his books hard to follow and wonder why they are so popular.  Nat a former agent takes one last job working with a rag tag group of London spies.  Now I will go back and read more of his books.


True Evil by Greg Iles is not the newest of his books.  Frankly I don’t know how I missed it.  I read everything he writes.  At least I think I do.  Of course this book takes place in the south and some of his most famous characters play bit parts.  A young woman, who days of working for the FBI could be over, makes a death bed promise to her sister to protect her sister’s son from the boy’s father.  A very unusual murder wring is uncovered.


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