Coronavirus March 16

Living through Coronavirus March 16th


As part of my coping strategy, I am going to blog about going through this new experience.  I know that for years I have only blogged about traveling and reading.  I am thinking of this adventure as a different kind of trip and certainly reading is going to help me cope.


My husband is going to be working at home and my work has come to a screeching halt.  As some of you know.  I have a part-time job doing presentations to promote the Perkins Talking Book Library.  I have used this library for years and now it will certainly help me get through the next weeks or months.  Most of my presentations involve the elderly so those facilities are closed to outsiders.


For the first time during one of these flu things, I am in the elderly population that is in more danger.  I am healthy and certainly don’t think of myself as elderly so I am hoping I can fool the virus.


My husband went to a Conference in California last week.  He returned on Friday.  I have to admit that I am holding my breath just a little to get through the next few days and know for sure he was not exposed.  He was going to Las Vagus this week and we had a trip planned to New York City the first week end in April.  Both of those trips were cancelled.  The theater in New York actually contacted us to say they were refunding our money.  Now that is customer service.


We grocery shopped over the week end so I think we are set for food.  However Neal is already working on a food delivery list.  Fortunately, we had already stocked up on toilet paper.


A big part of my plan for the next, who knows how long, is to try to keep up a regular schedule.  The weather is getting better so we will take one or two nice long walks each day.  Eventually we will probably drive to other locations and walk in new places but for right now our street is a pretty nice place to walk.  We have a couple of houses on our street being rebuilt and it is fun to watch the progress.  We have a lot of neighbors who walk and it is nice to stop and chat staying a safe distance from one another.


All restaurants are closed but most of them are doing curb side take out.  This will allow us to pretend we are eating out.


We have been watching reruns of West Wing on Net flicks.  We have heard that another channel is taking over the show and it is a channel we don’t have.  We will do our best to get through the last two years of the show in the next two weeks.  I don’t think we will do it and maybe we will take the hit and do one month of the other channel.


I will keep you posted on books as I finish them.


We can all get through this but we all need to do our part and take things seriously.


If you are reading my blog you probably have my email address so please send me your ideas about how to make this a better adventure. You can also message me on Facebook.



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