Adventures with Coronavirus

Adventures with Coronavirus March 20


Today’s excitement was walking behind the recycling truck.  We live on a narrow street with no sidewalks.  It is really a lovely place to walk.  Today we spent a block or so behind the recycling truck.  First of all, there is no smell.  Neal audio described the entire pick up process.  It is really quite impressive.   We might be getting desperate for entertainment or maybe we are just more observant.


I am not happy about calling this the Chinese virus.  People love to have other people to blame something on and this could put people in danger.

We were going to have company for dinner but we all chickened out.

I am looking for things to dig out of cabinets and use up.  Now I am hitting the tea cabinet.

I finished a sweet and very short book called The Girl Who Reads on the Metro.  It is translated from French.  We seem to be seeing more and more books from France.  I love books about books so although this was not the most amazing book I enjoyed it.

The Crocus are blooming in front of my house.  It will be spring that really helps us get through this.  It is nice to know that there are some things that happen in spite of how we mess things up.


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