Adventures With Coronavirus March 22

Adventures With Coronavirus March 22

All of our Sunday traditions are changed. We usually go out for breakfast. This morning Neal cooked me a lovely breakfast. We usually grocery shop and run other errands. Today we will take a walk.
I will make barbecued chicken pizza for dinner. My big evening decision will be wine or scotch.
Sunday we ordered take out from our favorite Chinese restaurant. I think this was our way of protesting calling this the Chinese virus. Our delivery person was wearing gloves and a masque. Two weeks ago we would have thought he was robbing us instead of serving us. Ah, the new normal.
For some reason people are being drawn to books about Plagues. Here are three of my favorites although I am not at all interested in rereading them right now.
THE STAND by Steven King was probably my first plague book and scenes from that book still haunt me.
THE DOOMSDAY BOOK Connie Willis throws time travel into the mix. I read this years ago and I must have loved it because I still remember it.
YEAR OF WONDERS by Geraldine Brooks is an inspiring historic fiction about the bravery of one small town’s plan to stop spreading the plague.

My kids are home from the DR and my heart is much lighter. They will be quarantined for two weeks.
Someone said there is a recipe for using your instapot for making toilet paper out of cauliflower. HMMMM
That could be fake news.
I am very tired of the two hour, mid-day press-conferences from the white house that say nothing at all that is new. This would not be so bad but I have a husband who has to watch every minute. Granted he is usually working at the same time and maybe he is not really listening but it drives me up the wall.
I am rescheduling my nap for that time.
When do you think they will tell us we will not be able to go out again at the end of these two weeks?

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