Adventures With Coronavirus March 26

Adventures With Coronavirus March 26

Today is a glorious almost spring day.
A couple of days ago I welcomed spring by taking the flannel sheets off our bed. Last August, when Neal had back surgery, I ordered tie-dyed sheets from I had them on the bed when he came home from the hospital. Honestly, I think I can hear the colors. It makes me smile just thinking about how the bed looks.

The new snow is mostly melted and green things are starting to poke up out of the cold soil.
We have 20 more episodes of West Wing and we need to finish by March 31. As far as I am concerned, this is serious binging.
Our grocery order will get here on Sunday. We keep adding to the list. I have no idea where we will put all the food.
We seem to be living meal to meal. I have never run my dishwasher this often. I should check and see if we need more dishwasher soap.
Tomorrow night we are having trivia night with friends using Go To Meeting. I hope this goes well. It is BYOB and we are bringing appetizers. We are now worrying about our back drop just like those people reporting the news from home.
There is actually a company painting back drops but I think we will just aim the computer in a direction that does not show our messy kitchen or coffee table.
I have read a few books since this started but most of them are not worth mentioning. I am wondering if it is me?
I hope you are all safe and finding ways to stay busy.

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