Adventures With Coronavirus April 3

Adventures With Coronavirus

We are about to complete another week of being mostly house bound.
Actually it has not been so bad. I have put together a schedule that works pretty well. I am someone who does well with a plan. Sometimes the hours seem long but the days seem to fly by. This is a good thing since I think we have just begun this experience.
When I read a book, especially one that takes place in current times, I feel a bit jealous when the characters get to go out for dinner or a trip somewhere. Maybe jealous is not the exact right word but I certainly notice they are doing it.
Today it is 29 years since Neal and I met. I need to formally thank my sister for forcing me to go to that happy hour given by the apartment building that she had just moved into. The next day she met Neal’s brother and now they are also married.
We are headed for a few days of lovely weather. I hope to get some gardening done. Heaven knows I have the time. I will see if I can fit it into my busy schedule.
We met, virtually, with two other couples, last night for drinks and a chat. We really end up having fun when we do this.
I hope to be posting my March book choices today.
Tomorrow we are going to walk our local rail trail. We are taking part in an ADA accessible study of open spaces in our town. I am impressed at how many we have. Next week end we will look at three more small spaces in the downtown area. I am looking forward to having a little project. Neal is being a good sport about doing this.

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